Thursday, July 28, 2011

I'm not a Negative, seriously.

  Today was a busy school day. We had some catching up to do from yesterday. It's way harder to double up days now that Kung Fu's not using the computer for Math and Language Arts. It's going to be really hard to catch up if we get behind. That being said I'm still standing by our decision to go back to all books. We need the interaction and the face time other wise it's the computer that's homeschooling him and not me.
I was blown away again today by his positive attitude particularly when he was faced with this.....

  He had to look up the words in the dictionary and copy the definition.....never said a word about it he just did it. I really thought all the writing was going to bum him out but so far there has been no resistance at all.

I'm still confused with WP's history....why are we studying Explorers and Native Homes at the same time? I just don't get it. The Native Homes info was useful during our read -aloud -Naya Nuki because it's about Native Americans. I'm still wondering about the decision to teach these two topics together. We had a Sonlight moment during Naya Nuki today when she reminisced about her mother burning her baby brother's cradle and gashing her legs open with a rock after her baby brother died.....crazy.

Anyway we made a 3D Map today depicting how the 1st Nations may have traveled into North America.
the maps in the book are on 2 pages that you have to copy, this worked well for me because each kid got to do their own page and then we put them together.
Once you get them together then you add the 3D parts....
How cool is that?! They really liked doing it which is a good thing because we've got a book full of them to do this year.

We didn't get to Science today because Stuffie was signed up to take an art lesson at the library. Here's what she made....
Here's what Kung Fu did while we waited.....because 5th grade has a lot more work than 2nd grade....
Do you love his camo outfit? He tried to wear it to VBS tonight but I wouldn't let him. Tomorrow's the last day. Stuffie's going to miss going. She said she's going every year until she's too old, then she's going to volunteer until she's too old, then she's going to be a teacher and when she's too old for that she's going to a Retiring Home. I love her.

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Giggly Girls said...

Ha! They're supposed to wear camo tonight. LOL

And that was a SL book.

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