Friday, July 29, 2011

I made it through the week with out committing murder...yay me!

We managed to check every box this week. That little fact makes my obsessive compulsive self very happy :)
Winter promise doesn't schedule a 5 day school week so you can use the extra time on Friday to finish anything you didn't get to during the week. For example if you didn't get your Early American Trades and Crafts Kit in time to do it on the scheduled day then you could make it up on Friday unless you NEVER GOT THE KIT!
anyway........because we went to lunch with our buds this week and Stuffie had the art class at the library we had a good bit of work to get done today...
Our chapter book started off with a bang.....the very first sentence of chapter 4 was about how the women and children around camp were in woken up....weird wording right? Not after I found out that this is also a Sonlight book....then it made perfect sense that the author would use aroused instead of awoken....I'd like to type the exact sentence here but the kids have misplaced the book for the 2nd time this week. How they can lose a book on the walk from the living room to the bookshelf 2 times in one week is beyond me but there you have it.
They also had their 1st spelling tests....Kung Fu  did OK
Stuffie did pretty good too......

......she spelled Mommy wrong the little stinker!
Papa Bear took Kung Fu to lunch today with the guys....
 And Stuffie and I went to Subway where she got her regular which is a bacon sub....just bacon...hold the everything....except the cookie.
After school they pretty much disappeared until supper time.....guess after all the extra face time they needed a break from Mom. HA! 

Tonight was the last night of VBS. Stuffie was totally in her element. That kid loves to be on stage! Kung Fu  was slightly more reserved opting to view the stage rather than be on it.
                                                      Here's Stuffie 'acting ' crazy
                                          here's my man child...head's too big for the sunglasses

I think the Catholic church is really missing out by not doing VBS. It's a really good opportunity to teach kids about Jesus in a more relaxed setting then CCD. Which any adult Catholic can tell you isn't all too great.....but that's a rant for another time.

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