Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hey you. Judgy-judgerton....

We all do it. And by "ALL" of couse I mean I do it's rant is on JUDGEMENT.

A friend who shall remain nameless posted this to her facebook feed today...... 

To which I replied ....

 Read them 2x's and got lots of fun ideas...Ray was very glad. ;) Clearly I have different views on what pornography is. This was a fictional story with made up characters. As a married woman I didn't find anything shocking about the books at all. I' doubt I'll see Magic Mike mostly because I think it's wrong to objectify REAL people (men and women) even if they claim to a.) not mind. Or b.) not understand that they are being abused.
I was just going to leave it at that. In fact I was pissed at myself for rising to the bait at all.
 I was proud of myself for not asking "Hey are you feeling pretty good about your sinful self now that you refrained from reading a book? I'm sure you are going to heaven while the rest of us sinful readers are going to the smut library in hell."
Then I got to thinking........
I'm thinking about what sanctimoniousness bitches we are.
I'm thinking about how what one person is convicted of isn't necessarily what another would ever be convicted about.
I'm thinking about how ballsy it was for that woman to post that on her blog...she must be feeling as good about getting that off her chest as I'm going to feel when I'm done writing this.

Why are we so terrible to each other? Why do we feel more holy, godly, happy when we point out how we can't or won't do something so no one else could possibly do it too with out them being the worst?
Conversely why do we focus on this meaningless CRAP when we have very serious things going on in our lives that are demanding our attention? Attention that is being diverted by focusing on ridiculous crap like what books we read or movies we see.

Ya see here's the thing I realized after reading that blog post..... it's just a sinful to make people feel bad about themselves as it is for them to read crappy books (not that I think that reading crappy books is sinful. I acknowledge that it is seen that way by some.) It's just as sinful to ignore the really important stuff in your life by posting stuff that other people are going to focus on rather that doing what God really wants them to do. We are diverting their attention away from God's path. That's a sin and a shame.

I'm trying not to do stuff like that anymore so when I do please call me out on it s I can pay attention to the stuff God really wants me to.



Stefanie said...

I'm going to call half balls for two reasons...

a) We objectify Bradley Cooper every time we watch The Hangover. And we'll do it again.

b) We discussed objectifying McConaughey by dragging T to see that very movie.

That being said. I'm tired of seeing that article being posted too. I've managed to keep my mouth shut though because I don't think the books are worth reading, as you well know, for reasons having nothing to with the sexual scenes. lol They're just too mercurial.

Although we all know that the woman who wrote that on her blog drools over McConaughey's abs just like everyone else. She's a liar...

Mean Mama Bear said...

Definition of OBJECTIFY

transitive verb
: to treat as an object or cause to have objective reality
I don't OBJECTIFY Bradely Cooper I ADMIRE him. That's the difference. I'm not using him or any one else as an object sexually or otherwise. I will ADMIRE him again...and again....but I will not dehumanize him.
I think McConaughey is ugly and our reasons for wanting to take Teresa are entirely different than the reasons other women are going to that movie.
Personally I think women are finally feeling like its' their turn to admit that they admire the male body and they enjoy God intended. That it doesn't make us sluts to admit it.
I asked Ray last night how he felt about both...he said he could honestly care less. He didn't feel like I was replacing any part of our relationship by reading smut or watching movies about men taking their clothes off. He's confident that I desire only him.
That's a wife win BTW.....Clearly he's secure enough that those things don't bother him because I've made him feel that way. I'm guessing women who's men don't agree need to look at why......

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