Monday, July 9, 2012

Can it be this easy?

So we went back to Thalia Lynn Baptist Church yesterday. This time we all tried out the Sunday School before the 11am contemporary service. Each grade is divided into separate classes for school aged children. Devlin attend Planet 56 which is specifically for 5th and 6th graders. I was pleased to see that there are mostly boys in his class. I'm sure he can make a friend or two among them. In his class they talked about Stephen and they acted out a little play. He said he had a good time and declared the teacher to be 'cool'. I feel pretty good about that since he's of an age where almost nothing is cool anymore. Here is what his worksheet looks like......

 Ava of course was over the moon. She's been bugging me for a year to find a church with Sunday School. She loved it as I knew she would.  Her worksheet was similar to Devlin's. She also made this nifty item..... help her remember her Bible verse. Super cute!

Ray and I went to the adult Sunday School. There are several classes to choose from in our age bracket. We just walked into the first door because we had to start somewhere. There we mostly couples in our class. They played a video about the Holy Spirit and how It is or isn't working within the church today compared to when first revealed to the apostles. Then there was a discussion time with questions asked by a leader to help guide and keep things on track. Lots of insightful stuff was covered and we will definitely be going back to that class.

After class a few people stopped us to chat and meet our kids and share their thoughts about the church and the children's program which they all RAVED about. It was nice to go into the main sanctuary and recognize people from Sunday School, it made it feel more comfortable.

The Senior Pastor was away in California attending his daughter's wedding so there was a guest preacher. I liked him OK...he was a bit too old school for me. On the plus side he's Scottish so we all enjoyed his accent. He talked about how God and His works are truly the only AWESOME things in this world and how we over use the word to describe things that pale in comparison.

All in all we had a nice time. I was surprised at how comfortable I felt after only attending 2x's. Like could this be our new church? Can is really be this simple and fast? Maybe.....

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Stefanie said...

ROFL They use the same Sunday School curriculum that we do. At first I thought, funny, I did a lesson on Stephen yesterday. Then I saw the worksheet.

I'm glad that Devlin enjoyed it. Our fifth graders, not so much. But "they" got smart this year and moved the fifth graders up to Nex Gen (middle school youth group) early this year, so Mackenzie is happy.

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