Monday, July 25, 2011

I'm getting me a Don voodoo doll!

I have to start out with an apology.... Stef, from the bottom of my heart I'm sorry for not understanding until today just how unbelievably ridiculous WP is. Truly.....
I'm so disgusted with them right now I feel it's only fair to warn you that I'm going to wield the profanity paint brush today.
So we are up and ready to go this morning. Everyone's looking forward to checking out the new stuff and attitudes are good. First up is Bible Study.....nothing scheduled for today. I found that a bit odd. It's the 1st school day of a new year and we're not going to begin by studying God's word?? I knew in advance that they don't schedule Bible everyday so I used my back up stuff and that went very well.
Next up was the Time Traveler- which is the spine of their History. Stuffie found it a bit boring but she's not expected to sit in on that everyday. Kung Fu thought it was just OK. They both enjoyed making the mini book to add to the lap book at the end of the unit and they also marked a map with the continents and oceans. As I was getting the books out I discovered this.....
I would have found that amusing, probably had a good laugh and added it to my stack of stuff to mail back to WP one day but.....
I couldn't find a book called "WILD WEST" . I have several books about the west in this years book shelf so at 1st I didn't think any thing of it. I  figured it was the abbreviation for a longer title. As I got looking more and more I realized that I didn't have anything titled Wild West that would go along with this morning's lesson. So I call's 9:15 am and I am PISSED. I manage to leave a polite message and go on with my morning. They have office hours from 9-5 but they're probably afraid to answer their phone.
You may be asking yourself why they would be afraid to answer the might have something to do with irate customers......for example ME when I found out that YET ANOTHER BOOK is missing from's called Time For Kids: Our 50 United's a nifty little book that teaches State history from the time the state was accepted into the Union......
I don't have it.
 I call WP back. It's 9:46am still no answer I leave another message. Not quite as polite and cheerful as the 1st.....we continue on with our day.
Kung Fu thought that the LA was ok. and he liked the spelling. I don't expect him to like LA, it's nice to know some things never change. The Writing With Ease he liked....probably because he didn't have to actually write anything.
Stuffie happily continued along with her First Language Lessons and A Reason for Handwriting. She also did Writing With Ease and I can see we're going to have a time getting her to summarize stories in 3 We started Horizon's Spelling and it's more work than we're used to so I'm reserving judgement till we get into it a bit more.

We're using Exploring Creation with Astronomy this year and they really enjoyed it......the notebooks are going to be really's their 1st pages
Stuffie's is the top one. Kung Fu was forced to use color but then liked the out come so I think once he gets used to the idea he'll enjoy having the notebook....I LOVE them!
They just finished Math and it's 2:17....not to shabby. Also...note to self....let Papa Bear teach the math to avoid arguments with Kung Fu. 1:04 my phone's old nemesis.
According to Don the "Wild West' book has been phased out. They will learn the things in that book when they read other books this year. I'm not sure what these 'things' are so I guess I have to take his word for it. I'm still unsure as to why the book is scheduled if it's been phased out unless they are selling all of their old teacher guides before they update? He's getting ready to say his goodbyes when I interrupt with "What about the 50 United States Book"?
According to Don that book has been on back order for several moths and they have been calling Scholastic trying to find out if and when they will be printing some more. He proceeds to ask me if they have it in my library or at my local bookstore....seriously?? No Don you jackass they don't! So I'm all "Well Don what do you expect me to do? This book is scheduled into every week for state study?!" He says he'll get back to me with an alternative. I barely stop myself from telling him what I really think....I save that for my blog.
I miss Don's second phone never rang and then suddenly I had a voice mail...I call this 'DIVINE INTERVENTION' Don should be thanking God tonight. According to the voice mail Don has sent me an different book to use in place of the 50 State Book. He's going to call me later with more info but I should get it in the next couple of the mean time I guess I'll just wing it....and by wing it of course I mean I'll go look at Barnes and Noble...I think I deserve a  mocha frap!

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Giggly Girls said...

Bwaaa, haa haaa I love it when you wield that paintbrush. Although I think you held back.

Don hasn't answered my email. I think I'll re-forward it every other day until it gets answered. Just for kicks.

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